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Download Nba Basketball Game For Pc

Continuing its simultaneous full-court press of all game systems, NBA Jam leaps onto the Game Gear with mixed success. While this cart is a praiseworthy attempt to squeeze all the teams, features, and spirit of the smash arcade hit into the tiny confines of a hand-held system, much is lost in the translation.

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Jam-med In


Launching the first video game of 2017, NBA 2K17 (basketball) game download with big crowd. Launching the first video game of 2017, NBA 2K17 (basketball) game download with big crowd. NBA 2K17 (BasketBall) PC Game Screen Shots. You can guess from the face of this guy and his face is showing that he is working hard to win the match. Nba Live 2011 Pc Game Free Download Windows 10; This Game Is Cracked And Highly Compressed Game. Free Download Nba Live 2003 Full Version Pc Game; Specifications Of NBA Live 08 PC Game. Download full NBA Live 2003: Download (487 MB). 2D 'T-Meter' to aim free throws when your player goes to the charity stripe is another minor letdown.

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The fundamental drawback of putting NBA Jam in a handheld format is the size of the players on the tiny screen. Although the graphics are sharp, colorful, and detailed, their quality is limited by the LCD resolution and the physical size of the screen. While the players move smoothly across the side-scrolling court, it's often difficult to see the details that would help you line up a defender to steal the ball, or enable you to shoot a basket in a crowd.

Graphics problems aside, this version of NBA Jam tries hard to resemble its arcade predecessor. You're still in a two-on-two match highlighted by monster dunks, bone-crushing slams, and fiery basketballs. As always, two stars from all 27 NBA teams are available, rated in Speed, Dunks, Three-Pointers, and Defense. Additional features allow adjustment of timer speed, difficulty level, control of one or both players on a team, and computer assistance if a team falls way behind.

The weakest part of NBA Jam on the Game Gear is the sound palette, which is limited. Simple sound effects highlight the action, and they're backed by tinny crowd noise. Unfortunately, 8-bit limitations eliminated the familiar announcer, who bellowed infamous phrases like 'Boom shakalaka!' in the arcade.

Turbo Time!

NBA Jam's control configuration has been simplified to accommodate the two-button Game Gear, with the Start button substituting for the invaluable Turbo boost. Turbo helps players run super-fast, shove opponents out of the court, and make backboard-shattering Super Slam Dunk. However, Turbo power is limited. Onscreen actions are very responsive to controls, but unfortunately there's no way to pause the game.

Not Really for Prime Time

Download nba basketball game for pc

NBA Jam fans will be disappointed by this Game Gear version, not from lack of effort by the programmers, but because of the limitations of the platform. Nevertheless, it's still a tasty treat that you can take with you.


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  • Don't be a gloryhound and go for fast breaks all the time, Allow your partner to catch up to you to set up an offensive front.
  • Shooting the ball at the highest point of your jump gives you the best chance of making the basket.
  • If the basket is too well-defended, drive into the paint end pass the ball back to your partner to make the shot.
  • Quickly tapping the Turbo button several times causes the dribbler to throw his elbows and knock down defenders.
  • There are no fouls, so shove away the defense to clear a path for your partner when he's driving with the ball.

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Overall rating: 9